Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Week

Kyra, Carley, Isabella, Gavin and Isaiah decided they needed to have a "farmer's market" at the end of our driveway today. They made signs and were waving them at passing cars. Wouldn't you know it, one eventually did stop. Bless her heart, the "customer" as the kids called her gave them $5 for an onion and two zucchini. They were on top of the world. She was the only customer for the day. Reagan enjoyed her first TWO pieces of corn on the cob last night...and boy did she enjoy!

We finally ended our baseball season. Now we have swimming next Monday and then 4 - count them 4 - Monday's off until another year of dance begins.

Carley after a hard day of play. Yikes, could she be more dirty?
So, the night that we returned from our Alexandria 4 day weekend of fishing and fun, Jed went out to "check" on the garden and came back with this "present" for me. So, he went to bed and I attempted to do beans. Needless to say, I did not get through all of them that night but the rest seemed to do just fine in the fridge overnight. Thanks dear!

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