Friday, August 13, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Gavin, Kyra & Carley TRYING to play with Gavin's new game that he got for his birthday from his cousins, but of course Reagan wanted to be in the middle of things "literally". The kids jad John & Josie over on Tuesday to play & spend the night and then Gavin & Kyra went to the lake with them on Wednesday to spend the night. Here we are reading bedtime stories. "Move Over Rover" was a favorite.
Eating supper in our pj's. the kids each made their own pizza breadsticks and ate their own cooking - good stuff!

We have been having 90-95 degree days for the past week and with the heat index it has been over 100 degrees. Yesterday was 107. Ahhh...I hate humidity. It is not even bearable to be outside, so we have spent the last week cooped up in the house, shades pulled, air conditioner on. I think it finally caught up with us today (but that is another blog all in itself...stay tuned). So, one night it was going to storm and I went outside to get some pictures of the very wierd clouds before it hit. Actually ended up not doing much other than rain REALLY hard but sure looked spooky.

Kyra after she fed the steers before she got her bath. She looks like she got bit by a flour fairy. Really it was a corn dust fairy.

And the reason for my title on this blog posting... She was upside down sleeping in her dog house and was so relaxed that her lip was hanging down...or was it hanging up?!
Last day of swimming lessons. Kyra did great but will repeat level one again next year when she is a bit taller - she definately had a couple of challenges just because she was the only one who couldn't touch but she will do fine next year. Gavin passed level one and is looking forward to level two next year. The last two days both Kyra and Gavin jumped into the 8 foot area of the pool. And on the last day Gavin decided he would like to try the diving board and jumped in. Jed and I thought there was no way he would do this, but he proved us wrong.
8 foot
I love this picture of our "trouble maker angel". Daddy and the girls killing time while the other two have lessons.
He looks terrified to jump into the 4 foot but actually he was just cold.

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