Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gavin's 6th Birthday

Gavin turned 6 on August 14th. He requested an airplane cake. This was an extra special party - he got to celebrate with Jacson, who had a birthday on August 5th.

Carley, Lacy & Britton.Lacy & Kyra.

Gavin got some gifts in a HUGE bag - it was big enough for the kids to fit inside. They had fun with that and the bag even survived!
Gavin & Jacson opening gifts.
Grandma and Grandpa Wolf thought that two frogs would be the ultimate gift for a 6 year old. Gavin might think so, his mother does not! Before they ever came home I made it very clear that I do not feed them, I do not clean then and I do not play with them.
The airplane cake. The humidity got the best of me on this cake but it still tasted good (thanks for the recipe Lacy).
Keetyn could not keep her eyes open while eating her cake. Hey, a little snooze and a little cake - what more can you ask for?

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