Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend with the Cousins

Jacson, Keetyn, Brittin, Hayden, Laurel, Nana and Papa came to visit us a couple of weekends ago to help Gavin celebrate his 6th birthday and help us celebrate Reagan's baptism. Carley & Daddy - no he has not consumed any alcohol.
Brittin walking down the slide.

Hang on Kyra.

This child fears nothing.

Kyra getting pushed by Papa.

Jacson & Gavin hanging out.

Carley - little monkey.

Jacson - aka smily. This kid is never in a bad mood.

Gavin & Jacson camping out on the living room floor.

Keetyn, Kyra and Carley having a slumber party. And you all thought our house was small with 6 people living in it - try 13 - but it's fun to spend time with the family!

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