Sunday, August 30, 2009

Miscellaneous Pics for July and August!

Our summer in review...
He's going in...
This was Jed's "wardrobe" to go into our attic and fix a strip of insulation that had come down. I think I cried I laughed so hard. And of course this was 1 of our 2 days that it hit 90 degrees this summer (which means it was probably 110 in the attic).

Gavin likes to hold Reagan at night while Jed and I go upstairs to tuck Kyra and Carley in. Well we were upstairs less than 2 minutes this night and came back down and SHE had put him to sleep. :-)

Who needs their own space?

One of Gavin's top 5 of summer - sweet corn!

And Carley...

And Kyra...good thing Grandpa has a huge patch of sweet corn and plants them at intervals so we can enjoy throughout the summer!

Reagan is starting to sit in her highchair (with the help of blankets to keep her upright!). This was also the first day she grabbed a toy on her own and got it to her mouth - of course, where else would it go?

I was taking Reagan's 3 month pictures and Gavin decided he needed so photography practice. Kyra was having none of it but the rest of us girls did. He didn't do to bad - we still all have our heads!

We got to watch Isabella and Isaiah (my friend's kids) for a week while their daycare provider was on vacation. We had lots of fun. I hope Isaiah's Dad appreciates that his BOY is not participating in dress up time. :-) But the girls had fun EVERY day playing house and dress up and walking on plastic high heel shoes that could break anyones neck!

All 5 of them playing in the sandbox. It's amazing how well they all get along when they are all so close in age - 2, 2, 3, 6, 6 and of course Reagan.

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