Friday, March 6, 2009

I LOVE Our Damb Dog

So, Gavin asks me, "Mom, did you forget to put Ruby on her leash." "No, she is on her leash." "Well, why can I see her out the front window almost on the road then?" Good question. Ruby broke her leash once again. Next time we are getting the heaviest duty one they have. So, I call her from the front door and she comes running and then I have Gavin run to the back door so that she comes in by her kennel and can be in there to dry off (it's 50 degrees today - a little messy to say the least). Well, of course Gavin couldn't catch as she came barreling through the door all excited to be FREE and I couldn't from the front door to the back door before she had the entire floor from the door to the kitchen completely black with mud - literally. So I grab her and take her back outside (she is too muddy even to be in her kennel) and go to tie her up by the front steps on her regular leash (it will have to do for the time being) and of course my efficient husband NEVER leaves that darn leash out there. So, we go through the mud once more and get the lease and I tie her up - now in this whole 30 second process I have somehow become mud from head to toe - so now not only do I have to go back into the house and wash a floor, I have MORE laundry to do. I love our dog....damb dog.

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Laurel said...

Somehow, I can COMPLETELY relate! The more kids you have, the more your dogs irritate you!!!! Good luck with her!