Sunday, March 29, 2009

No More Sassy!

We took the leap a week an a half ago and decided it was time for Carley to give up her "sassy" (pacifier). So, Friday night we cut off the tips and gave them to her to throw away. She did great. Fussy for about 3 minutes and I had to lay with her until she went to sleep. The next day for nap, even better and Saturday night, she asked where they were at but no fussing and went to sleep on her own. We are now sassy free at our house (at least for the next 8 weeks). She is a big girl now! Yeah! (Sometimes I think we are more attached to those darn things than the kids are). :-)

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Laurel said...

Yeah! A big girl now! Any suggestions on taking Brittin's fingers away :-)