Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas with the Wolf Clan

Gavin and Stacy opening gifts.
Stacy, Brandon and Jason brought homemade donuts over for the kids to help put filling in them and frost them. Yum!!!

Injecting the filling.
Gavin helping Grandma blow out the candles on her birthday cake.

Kyra & Lacy snuggling.

Carley got distracted from playing with the train and was just staring at the big Christmas tree. I would love to know what she was thinking.

Gavin listening to the recorded story that Uncle Mike and Aunt Sharon sent to the kids. They LOVED it.

Britton and Kyra reading a bedtime story.

Grandpa and Reagan hanging out
Reagan in the middle of all of the gift opening - literally!

This is her funny face she makes - sticks out her tongue and sucks on it. Looks like she has a big lip.

Carley opening a Barbie set. I think she likes it!

Not sure what Reagan has to say to the bears but looks like it's important.


Gavin and Grandma reading a new book.

Gavin patiently waiting with Lacy to open his gift.
Bryon and Jacque hit the jackpot with this gift to Gavin - a Brett Favre jersey. We had to steal it form him to wash it after he wore it for a week. Every Sunday we get home from church and he runs into the house, gets out of this church clothes and into his "football clothes".

Excited about his brand new combine (he literally wore his other one out because he played with it so much).
Kyra posing for the camera.
Reagan trying to attack the bow - who cares about the gifts - just give her bows, tape and paper!

Grandma and Grandpa had a BIG surprise for Carley and Kyra. No peaking...

I said it was BIG - bigger than them!
Each year there is at least one picture of Britton "enjoying" his gifts - this year happened to be a life jacket. Still not really sure why he felt the need to be rescued form the rocking chair?! :-)

Grandpa and Kyra sharing a bowl of popcorn.

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