Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Outside Fun

Sledding at Nana & Papa's... Carley
Kyra - she does take after her mother (not so fond of the fold).

Sledding at home...

Carley watching Grandpa add snow to their snow hill.

With the help of Dad, they dug a fort - peak! Gavin, Kyra, Carley.
Sledding at Grandma and Grandpa's on Christmas with Uncle Britton and Dad.

Kyra would fall off half way down but she would then run the rest of the way down just to catch up with Britton. Good way to use up some of that energy if you ask me! :-) Gavin right there with her, but he stayed on his sled unless it bucked him off - which it did a time or two. Carley and Dad bringing up the rear.
Britton looks like his arms aren't attached the right way - looks like they are on backwards.
Carley is not sure what to think.
Gavin going under Bridge Britton.
Carley: "Come on Dad, what's taking so long."

Britton giving Kyra a push to get started. There really was not much of a hill at all but there was a layer of ice on the top so they just kept on going and going and going - which made for a long walk back.
A makeshift snowboard?! Britton.

Up the hill one more time. Carley and Dad.

And Carley and Dad made it! ;-) Kyra, Britton, Gavin.
I love this picture - Kyra looking up at Uncle Britton - I would love to know what she was saying to him (but I was chicken and stayed in the warm house).

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