Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas at Nana's & Papa's

We had a nice long weekend in ND with Jed's whole family over New Year's to celebrate Christmas! Kyra spent the whole weekend trying to coax the cat out of hiding, finally on the last night she made a friend (after she chased it around and under the Christmas tree).
The "boys" and Kyra playing cards.

Laurel, Hayden & Brittin snuggling.

And this...we aren't sure what this is. :-)

Nothing says the holidays like craziness! Opening stockings - 15 people and 1 dog were proving to be almost too much for Nana and Papa's living room!

Papa and Brittin having some one on one time.

The girls in the bathtub - singing and cleaning the tub - I think it went something like "scrub the tub, scrub the tub..." you get the idea!

Carley playing with Keetyn's pony scooter, only to get her hair wrapped around the tire. Yikes!

Hide and seek Brittin.

Keetyn giving Reagan some cousin love.

Anyone for a card game? Jed, Kyra, Carley, Gavin, Jacson.

Look at those big beautiful eyes! Hayden.

Hayden showing off for Nana - she can stand!

Hayden and Reagan decided to sleep during the regular gift opening so they had their own private (and much quieter and less crazy) gift opening with Nana later in the day.
Gavin showing off his John Deere pillow case that he got.
The boys opening their gifts. Morgen, Gavin, Jacson.

The other boy opening his gift. Brittin.

Carley VERY excited about her Tinker Bell doll.

Morgen hanging out with Dolshe (I have no idea how to spell that dogs name)?!

Let the games begin - gift opening time. The 9 kids spent hours opening gifts, the 6 adults spent hours getting gifts out of paper, cardboard, plastic, and wire. (That's another blog all in itself...stay tuned).

Papa, Kyra and Keetyn have a very serious conversation as Santa looks on - you can't imagine how many times Papa almost tipped Santa over!

Keetyn and Ernie snuggling.
Jed and Carley - anyone want to guess who Carley looks like?
Hay Hay!

Laurel helping Keetyn, Kyra and Carley decorate the birthday cake for Jesus.

Carley, Kyra, Keetyn and Reagan having breakfast.

Reagan & Nana spending some time together.

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Laurel said...


1.) Fun time - thanks guys!
2.) LOVE the pic of the girls in the tub!!
3.) What is Jed REALLY reading in the background with that subtle smirk on his face??