Thursday, June 7, 2012


My miscellaneous post for this round!

Gavin was goofing around one night, talking funny and saying funny things.  So, I decided to get the camera out and the very first time I taped him, he put goofy glasses on, did his "pick me up" line and then his foot fell of the rung of the chair and he fell and bumped his face on the chair he was sitting next to.  I cried for an hour and I still laugh out loud when I watch this video.  Cool-Jo-Jock working on his line for the girls and he face plants it into the chair.  Oh, my little Romeo!  :-)


We went to Britton and Lacy's new house for Easter this year and spend a very relaxing day with them!  The kids had such a good time egg hunting and thought it was so cool when we got out of the car and chocolate led us up the front steps!  We decorated LOTS of eggs and enjoyed great food.  Reagan even found her first crush - Lacy's brother, Storm!  ;-)


Carley Turns 5!!!

Carley turned 5 on April 4th.  She wanted a princess/Dora cake - so that is what she got?!  :-)  She is SOOO ready for kindergarten and can't wait to go shopping for her school supplies.  We keep trying to tell her that is still a little ways off!

 This is what happens when Nana and Papa send an Easter/Birthday box.  Two seconds after the mailman delivers it our house is a tornado!  Thanks for the gifts Nana and Papa!  :-)

Day at the Park

Our winter was so mild and it was followed by a very nice, mild, EARLY spring.  Carley, Reagan, Declan and I took advantage of one of the beautiful March days and had a picnic at the park. 

This one is a video (hopefully it comes through on the blog).  It was so funny.  Carley had to "wind up" every time she was going to throw the bread to the ducks.  Too funn!