Sunday, November 8, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes...

We have had a couple of conversations in our house the last two days that have had me in tears because I have been laughing so hard. Thought I would share:

Story #1
Yesterday Kyra, Reagan and I were getting ready to go wedding dress shopping with Lacy. Kyra finished her bath and was eating lunch with Carley and I was in the bathroom drying my hair.

Carley: "Mom, Kyra stinks."
Me: "Kyra doesn't stink, she just got a bath."
Kyra: "No Mom, I just farted, I stink."

Story #2
This morning we were getting ready for church and for whatever reason Gavin said he was having a baby (he likes to pretend a lot). So, here is how this story went.

Gavin: "Mom, I am having a baby." (he says this with a balloon coming out of the back of his underwear)???
Me: "Great, but you know that guys can't actually deliver a baby, right?"
Gavin: "I know, but they help make the babies."

We have not had THESE conversations yet so not sure where he is getting this from but hey, we will let his father explain things to him.

Story #3
Another one this morning. Unfortunately I did not get to hear/see this one since I was out of church with Reagan but then again maybe it's a good thing, if I were in church and witnessed this then I would have had leave church for MYSELF not for Reagan.

Jed was standing for one of the prayers during church and Kyra was laying down on the pew behind him (he had been trying to get her to quit doing this but was not winning that battle - so she was laying on the pew behind him). Kyra stuck her hand between his legs and grabbed on and asked, "Daddy does that tickle?" Jed says that it was the first time he has ever been 6 feet tall in church and he was kneeling. Oh my gosh, it happened hours ago and I am still crying I am laughing so hard.

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Laurel said...

HA! I'm speechless! Yeah - first time for DO you even respond in situations like these???