Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Haven't posted pics in a while, so here you go..
Gavin was helping Jed sand an old desk that Jed bought at a garage sale (about 6 years ago).  It is slow going but they are finally starting to get rid of that nice blue paint that was on it.

Kyra was very into her cract project the other day.  She didn't even know she had something on her face.
We had our annual pumpkin and gourde picking day last weekend.  Didn't have a lot of little gourdes this year but had a lot of medium sized gourdes and a bunch of "cinderella pumpkins" (red, short, fat) and some very nice carving pumpkins for this year.  We also picked our decoration corn and the rest of our watermelons (we ended up with about 20+ at the end of the day).  Needless to say we shared some with the neighbors and we still have a huge load left.  Watermelon anyone?

Look closely, there is a surprise in the stump.

Had to do our annual fall picture outing as well (not a big outing - just to the neighbors).  Have some good and some not so good, but it was work the walk down there!

This is Jed trying to get 5 kids to lay on the ground and look in the general direction of the camera for a split second.  Yes, I will admit, I was behind the camera laughing.  :-)
We got one...they are all sitting, all looking in the general area.  Yeah!  Love to have cousin Jason amongst us as well.

Reagan is a really good little winker.  She can do a true wink.  Carley was trying to do it the other day and below are the pictures of her trying her best to make one eye close and one eye stay open. 

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