Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This happened a couple of weeks ago but I still think about it and get a smile on my face, so thought I would share!

Declan is now to the crawling stage and of course with the crawling comes the "into everything" stage.  He is pretty good but his favorite thing to get into again and again is my plants.  He will not leave them alone!  So, one day he is messing with a plant and I moved him away a couple of times and of course he keeps crawling right back to it.  The third time, Carley, who was sitting close to the plant, leans over so her nose is touching Declan's nose and she says as seriously as can be, "Declan, you are not a herbivore, you cannot eat plants."  I thought for sure that is what she said but I didn't know where she would get that from, so I asked what she said, and yes, that is exactly what she said.  Seems that she does learn something from cartoons now and then.  Anyone wanting their kids to learn about herbivores...Dinosaur Train!  :-)

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Melissa Pope said...

Oh that is TOO funny! Its amazing what kids pick up on with those type of shows!.....Bubble Guppies amaze me with their math facts that Seth brings up! haha!!!! Love their innocence!.....the real question is, did Declan listen to his big cousin?