Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Child After My Own Heart

I realized when I saw this set up that MAYBE I have taken Gavin to too many garage sales over the past 5 years (is there such a thing as too many garage sales)? This kid spend 2 full days (I am not kidding) setting stuff up, finding things to "sell" and getting his garage sale, making signs and putting it all together. The only thing Mom did was write GARAGE SALE on one of his signs - everything else was him, right now to his lawn chair to sit in and wait for customers. After he sat in his chair for half a day without any coming to his garage sale, I decided it was probably time I gather up my loose change in the house and go to a garage sale. Then when "Mom" wasn't a good enough customer and he was getting frustrated, I had to call in reinforcements and call Grandma and make sure she could stop by after she was done with work. Then Dad and Grandpa both came through as well - those 4 sales seemed to make him happy and the whole two days work of work worth while. But if you are ever in need of a pumpkin, cucumber, melon, tomatoes, grass clippings, rocks or leaves - you know where to go!


KJ said...

Is there a delivery service available? If so, I'd like a pumpkin. much is the delivery fee? Knowing Jed, he'll teach Gavin the fine art of price gouging.

Troy's Train said...

I'd like to buy some rocks. I'll even pay to have them delivered to Kristi's new flower bed. Just dump them anywhere on the new mulch.

jed said...

pumpkins free.
delivery extra.