Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Leaves Are Falling

Saturday was such a beautiful day that we had to invent reasons to be outside! Gavin came up with the idea to make a leaf pile so he got the rake out and did some on his own and then talked his Dad into doing the rest (not that there was much to do, as you will see in the pictures - we don't have many leaves in our yard due to Jed cutting down all 50 of our trees last year - that's another blog for another time). Anyway, we had fun playing in the small leaf pile. In the first picture you can see Gavin in the background - that is how far back he had to go to run and jump in the pile each time, poor guy was winded every time he got to the pile! Hope you are all enjoying your fall season.


Sharon said...

Jed, that picture of you shielding your face reminds me of another time (out in the irrigation field when someone shot mud all over you. A picture that is forever in my mind.) Looks like you "kids" were having fun.

Laurel said...

You took some great pics that day!! I love the one of the girls, and the one of Carley hiding by the tree!! Looks like a great day!!

Troy the Train Man said...

I want to hear the tree story.....please.