Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Dressed and ready for Easter Morning Church!

The Easter Bunny left a suprise outside out window - an Easter tree branch. It was a hit with the kids.

Isn't it cute? So far and by some kind of miracle the dog hasn't bothered it!

Carley looking for Easter Eggs - she beat her brother and sister in finding eggs, hands down!

Checking out what is in the eggs.

Gavin getting his picture taken with Aunt Stacy while he is still looking pretty good!

Carley got Easter goodies from Grandma and Grandma - gotta check them out!

Uncle Brandon and Kyra getting the kite ready to fly outside!

Kyra and Daddy flying her Barbie kite she got for Easter - I still think Jed's homemade one is better but the wind was just perfect for her to do this on her own Easter afternoon.

Jed, Kyra, Uncle Britton and Gavin flying kites!

Uncle Bryon and Carley playing with his iphone. Only he would let a 2 year old play with a $200 phone! What a good Uncle - or insane, we haven't decided yet. :-)

Carley and Aunt Jacque looking at a book.

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