Monday, April 6, 2009

Let's Go Fly A Kite

It was windy but nice out this weekend - perfect for making your own homemade kite and trying to get the thing flying. So, that's what Jed and the kids did. The first day it worked a little bit for a few minutes and then after Jed made some adjustments it didn't work at all. :-) The second day they got it though and had fun flying their kite "all by themselves". Here are some pictures of the two days outside enjoying weather and flying a homemade kite - THANKS DAD!

First you have to make the kite.

This one could have cared less, she was just glad to be outside!
Then you have to run around looking all crazy trying to get the thing in the air - and just a note, if you ever try this, it does not matter how fast you run, if there isn't enough wind or if the kite isn't made quite right, it WILL NOT FLY!

The most fun thing for the kids was watching Dad run around and trying to chase him and catch him.

But eventually, if you don't give up, you can get it in the air! Gavin trying his turn.

Kyra taking her turn.

Once they had their turn, they were content to sit and watch Dad and his determination against the kite.

Carley "helping".

Dad STILL trying.

Kids STILL chasing.
And finally...a kite flying high in the air!

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Laurel said...

I'm curious. Are there any particular 'kite-flying-words' that help? Just wondering... ... :-)