Friday, June 19, 2009

"THE" Purple Bike

Last Thursday Jed's work had their annual family picnic. We always have such a good time at this picnic. They have tons of fun picnic food, door prizes and the kids love all of the huge blow up toys/games/mazes that they get to go in. This year Kyra was one of 4 lucky kids to win a gift certificate for a bike! She had told us about two days ealier (without any knowlege of these door prizes) that she was ready to have a big bike and it needed to be purple. Well, Jed took her to the store to pick out her bike out of a cataloge and get it ordered. Well, they didn't have any purple bikes but they had the next best thing - a princess bike. So, she told them she wanted that. Two days later it arrived and Jed picked it up, brought it home and to Kyra's amazement not only was it princess but it was also purple - that girl is in heaven!

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Laurel said...

Yeah Kyra! Fun!! Tell Daddy to strap that thing onto the top of the van next time you come down - you can ride on the cement at our house ;-) VERY cool bike!!