Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Dressed and ready for Easter Morning Church!

The Easter Bunny left a suprise outside out window - an Easter tree branch. It was a hit with the kids.

Isn't it cute? So far and by some kind of miracle the dog hasn't bothered it!

Carley looking for Easter Eggs - she beat her brother and sister in finding eggs, hands down!

Checking out what is in the eggs.

Gavin getting his picture taken with Aunt Stacy while he is still looking pretty good!

Carley got Easter goodies from Grandma and Grandma - gotta check them out!

Uncle Brandon and Kyra getting the kite ready to fly outside!

Kyra and Daddy flying her Barbie kite she got for Easter - I still think Jed's homemade one is better but the wind was just perfect for her to do this on her own Easter afternoon.

Jed, Kyra, Uncle Britton and Gavin flying kites!

Uncle Bryon and Carley playing with his iphone. Only he would let a 2 year old play with a $200 phone! What a good Uncle - or insane, we haven't decided yet. :-)

Carley and Aunt Jacque looking at a book.

Making Sweets & Crafts for Easter

We had a busy weekend with decorating Easter eggs, making sweets and crafts for Easter Sunday and enjoying the beautiful weather outside!

Carley pretty much just ate her way through this project!

Gavin adding some eats to his bunny cupcakes - and you can see Kyra snitching some sprinkles. Mom's see everything! :-)

Kyra adding her bunny ears.

They're almost done!

Don't they look so proud of their accomplishments.

They tasted pretty good too!

Our carrot napkin place settings.

Coloring Easter Eggs

We went to Grandma's house to color Easter eggs Saturday morning and Uncle Britton and Lacy helped us out! We had 4 dozen eggs colored in about 1/2 hour - we are quick!

Lacy & Kyra getting started.

Carley patiently waiting for her green egg.

Gavin and Britton - I think they had about 6 eggs going at a time!
Britton and Kyra making a glitter egg. Oh how messy! But very pretty!
Carley literally coloring an egg.
I thought a good way to give everyone a hint as to whether we are having a boy or a girl was to decorate an egg for the baby. Are you ready.... Drum roll...
Did you really think I was going to give it away at this point? :-) You will just have to wait 6 more weeks!

Gavin spooning the white chocolate into candy molds. Mmmm....

Gavin helping Lacy make some chocolate candies!

Kyra & Lacy making chocolate candy molds.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Carley Turns 2!

Carley celebrated her 2nd Birthday on Saturday!

Gavin got to help decorate the "extra" hump on the caterpillar.

I guess it ended up being a catfish - at least that is what he said! :-)

Let's Go Fly A Kite

It was windy but nice out this weekend - perfect for making your own homemade kite and trying to get the thing flying. So, that's what Jed and the kids did. The first day it worked a little bit for a few minutes and then after Jed made some adjustments it didn't work at all. :-) The second day they got it though and had fun flying their kite "all by themselves". Here are some pictures of the two days outside enjoying weather and flying a homemade kite - THANKS DAD!

First you have to make the kite.

This one could have cared less, she was just glad to be outside!
Then you have to run around looking all crazy trying to get the thing in the air - and just a note, if you ever try this, it does not matter how fast you run, if there isn't enough wind or if the kite isn't made quite right, it WILL NOT FLY!

The most fun thing for the kids was watching Dad run around and trying to chase him and catch him.

But eventually, if you don't give up, you can get it in the air! Gavin trying his turn.

Kyra taking her turn.

Once they had their turn, they were content to sit and watch Dad and his determination against the kite.

Carley "helping".

Dad STILL trying.

Kids STILL chasing.
And finally...a kite flying high in the air!