Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Kyra, her Zebra and her Bride Bear watching a movie.
 Reagan, enjoying some yogurt.
 The kids playing in the first snow of the season (it was so wet they could almost swim in it).
 Gavin and his snowman that was 2 feet tall (if that).
 Building a fort with the kitchen table.
 We bought this Dora backpack MONTHS ago for Carley and it hung on the wall next to the changing table.  It was her prize to have after she went all day without an accident - she FINALLY got it!  I think we are headed in the right direction for potty training - finally, finally, finally!
 Reagan holding her baby bear and pushing her stroller - she is such a mommy.
Hanging out.
If this is the "prize" I win for doing laundry, count me out.
Jed got Reagan dressed for church onemorning - her dress is tucked in to her diaper cover.  Really?!
We put our Christmas decorations up this weekend.  Gavin multitasking - eating popcorn and sorting through the ornaments.
Reagan checking out the ornaments.
 Carley adding to the tree.
 Carley requested this pose.
 The elves.
 Carley "in" a wreath. 
 Kyra checking out her ornaments.
Reagan loves to stand in the fridge.  Why you ask?  I have no idea!
 How can you resist this face?

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