Monday, November 1, 2010


Haven't posted in a while.  Here are randome pictures and Halloween pictures from the past couple of weeks.

Jed reading the kids a bedtime story.
 The girls got up one morning and were cold but could only find one blanket - so they shared (on seperate chairs).
 The newest toy they have created.  A "princess" carriage.
 I told Kyra to go get dressed for church and that she could find her clothes on the couch.  I did not mention that Reagan's clothes were also on the couch.  I was rushing around getting stuff ready and she kept saying, "Mom, my pants don't feel right."  Well yeah, you were  size 5 and you have now poured yourself in your sisters 12 month clothes.
 And this little outfit...not quite doing it for me.
 Doesn't she look like she is about to get into trouble?!  Yup, probably!
 Kyra was creating Halloween costumes for one of her craft projects.  This one was a robot.
 Carley riding combine with Grandpa.  She was not at all afraid, jumped right up there with him and rode for almost 3 hours.  We were all suprised at how long her attention span was with the "farming" but when they stopped we learned why - she had fallen asleep.  :-)
 Uncle Brandon felt that our house was not complete without this addition.  Now, we used to have salamanders when I was a kid and they were about 4 inches long.  This one is about a foot long.  Are you kidding me?!  Thank you, thank you VERY much Uncle Brandon.  Just a side note, Jason will be getting the biggest, loudest drum I can find for his Christmas present this year.  You are welcome!
 This is what happens when Mommy goes to church.  Daddy gives Reagan a bath and while he is helping Carley get dressed, a very clothed Reagan decides to get bath #2 for the night with Kyra.  PJ's and all!  She thought it was really funny for about 5 seconds and then she started screaming and crying.

 Uncle Mike and Aunt Sharon came to visit for 4 days.  The girls were making cupcakes and cake balls for our Halloween party.
 Uncle Mike playing Banana Grams with Gavin and Kyra.
 Carley decided her doll house was big enough that she could live in it.
 Aunt Sharon and Reagan having some snuggle time.
 Grandma and the girls decorating Halloween cupcakes.
 Carving pumpkins.

 And the finished product....

 Gavin was a cowboy law man for Halloween.
 Kyra was a cheerleader.
Carley was a ladybug.
 Reagan was a "fat" spider as the other kids always said.  Not just a spider.  A "fat" spider.  But a darn cute one. 

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Melissa Pope said...

Cute pictures and intersting/funny updates Shannon! Love it all! Miss you guys!