Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving in Nebraska

We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Nebraska - a first for us!  We went to Jed's sister & family's new home there.  The kids enjoyed 4 days of non stop play and fun (except for Kyra who was sick for 3 of the 4 days).
Say cheese!  We were trying to get two piles of kids but Hayden and Reagan were having none of it and this was about the 6th attempt at a pile, seems that when they get too many kids piled on top of each other, they topple over.  Can't imagine why.
 The girls had a slumber party each night on the living room floor.  On the way home Kyra asked if they could sleep on our living room floor.  We finally talked her into ther comfy bed.
 Hayden, Reagan and Carley playing piano.
 Carley found the perfect hiding place for hide and seek - no one found her until she finally popped her head out.
 Jed and Hayden snuggling.

Not very often that you can get 9 kids to look in the same direction with their eyes open and smiles on their faces.
Jacson and Gavin have such a good time together whenever they see each other.  Two peas in a pod!
Zonked out after a busy day of playing and eating!
The whole gang! 
Hayden and Reagan playing with bath toys.
Carley and Jacson hanging out in the corner - no we did not put them in the corner, it just happened to be warm and cozy there - a prime spot for all of the kids.
Papa and Carley having quiet time together.
Carley & Brittin, who I think could be twins.  What buds!
The two quiet ones - Reagan and Hayden.
All of the kids waiting for "food"!
 Brittin, Carley, Keetyn, Jacson and Gavin hanging out.
Keetyn, Jed, Carley, Nana and Brittin.

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