Monday, December 13, 2010

Happenings in the DeWitz Household

Kyra told me the other day, "Mom, I think we have the most beautiful Christmas tree in the whole world."  I love that she takes such joy in the "little things" in life.
Gavin playing in our first big snow of the year.
Kyra just trying to get out of the house in the first big snow of the year.
Reagan and Carley playing choo-choo.
I was working on the computer one afternoon and all of a sudden I heard this thud right outside the window.  The cat had jumped onto our screen.  She just kept climbinb to the top.  Not sure what she was after?
Reagan was so proud when she got her hat and gloves on all by herself.
Enjoying a popcorn snack - on top of the table?!
Carley, Reagan, Jed and Gavin snuggling. 
The kids enjoying some Daddy time!
Gavin had his Christmas Concert at school last week.  (third row on the end).

So, if you read two posts ago, you know that we were hit with a blizzard this past weekend.  Not even sure how much snow we got (not sure how you'd measure it with the way the wind whipped the snow all over).  We actually had ice before we had snow and it pulled my wreath right off the hook and froze it to our screen door.  It's still there, I can't pry it off without wrecking my wreath, so it will stay that way until it decides to warm up a bit...okay, a lot!
Santa Reagan!
Some more pictures of the blizzard.  The first day none of us went outside so pictures were taken from the nice, warm, cozy comfort of our house.  The second day Jed ventured out and took some outside pictures.

Allo four windows looked like this - ice with a nice layer of snow on top of the ice, so for two days we saw absolutely nothing out of any of our windows except our kitchen window.
Gavin's window (which happens to be the newest window in our house) obviously has some sealing issues.  He kept saying, "it's cold in my room, there's snow in my room."  Personally, I think he was pretty proud.

You can see the roof of Jed's car behind that big snow drift.  Needless to say we had to call the neighbors to bring the snow blower down and get him set to go for work this morning.
Sunday afternoon we finally were able to make it the mile to Grandma's house.  We were all a little stir crazy from being stuck in our house for 2 days and not able to play outside or go anyway, so the outting was a much needed one!  The kids made lanterns and gingerbread men and snowflake ornaments.  It was a busy couple of hours of crafting!

All Jason wanted to do was play ring around the rosie. :-)

She somehow can make any hat look good!

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Jesse and Lauren said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on our blog. We (well mostly Lauren) have really enjoyed updating everyone on our comings and goings. Your blog is so much fun to read too. I especially love all the pictures! You guys definitely got hit worst than we did this past weekend. And I don't know what I'd rather have a mile from my mom or a Target. I love me some Target (that's the one place we escaped to during the blizzard up here) but I would love to have my mom closer so we could escape to there as well. :)