Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Disney Princess On Ice

Grandma took Kyra, Carley and me to see Disney Princess on Ice last Saturday.  The girls were so excited!  They got even more excited as we neared the cities and they saw all the TALL buildings.  They enjoyed all of the people walking around, the cars going every which way and seeing Target Field again.  Kyra still talks about the good food at that game.  :-)  When we got to the Target Center it took us approximately 0.34 seconds to realize that we were going to be in the minority.  At least 75% of the 2-8 year old little girls a this event were dressed up in their princess best.  My girls...not so much.  I thought I was being the good practical Mom - dressing them in layers so that if it was cold (to keep the ice frozen) then my girls would be prepared.  In reality, not such a good Mom decision, they should have been dressed from head to toe in there dress up best - plastic crown, plastic shoes plastic dresses with beads and glitter galore...oh well, I guess I know better for next time.  We all had a great time.  The show was awesome.  It was two hours long but was so engaging that it felt like a half hour long instead - that's a good show!  On the down side, every two steps throughout the building there was another booth set up to sell Disney Princess stuff.  Okay, I get it, it's a Disney Princess show, so let's sell some paraphernalia, but seriously people, the cheapest thing I saw there was a $7 box of popcorn!  Really?  $7 for one box of popcorn?  The next cheapest was $10 for a snow cone - what?  It's ice and some color/flavor - $10???  The girls really wanted a light up wand "thingy" but alas, I was once again a bad Mom and I refused to pay $22 x 2 for a plastic tube that lights up (for the time being).  You know that as soon as we got home with it (if it even made it home without breaking or quit working) that it would be shoved in the pile of toys that seems to litter our playroom floor 110% of the time.  Okay, I am done with my rant on extremely overpriced, overrated Disney Princess paraphernalia.  Enjoy the pics!
And what do "the boys" do while the girls are at Disney Princess?  Well Legos of course.  Gavin met me at the door when we got home.  He was so excited to show me the fruit bowl that he made out of Legos.  SO PROUD! 

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Melissa Pope said...

Looks like they had a great time!