Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wow...It's Been A While

As I began this blog I realized that it has been a while!  Sorry Nana and Papa!  :-)  It seems that we always have something going on but when I look back and try to figure out what we have been up to, not much comes to mind.  Just keeping up with the day to day of work, school and extra activities! 
Here are some random pics.

Reagan and her baby.  She LOVES babies.  If she isn't holding one then she is pushing it in her stroller.
This is Reagan favorite spot in the house...the center of the kitchen table.

This is what your wall/ceiling looks like when your two older children decide it would be a great idea to open a Gogurt (yogurt in a pouch) and play catch with it.  It was on the ceiling, the walls, the cupboards, the floor, the table, the stove, the fridge.  Have I missed anything in the kitchen???  IT WAS EVERYWHERE.  And just in case any of you are wondering - yogurt does not clean up well or easy.  (Mark, if you are reading this, you will be glad to know that the blue yogurt looks wonderful beside the remnants of spaghetti left on my wall!)
Carley making the big trek to the top of the hill.  Jed taking some pics - debatable if he was actually trying to get the kid.  I am assuming he was aiming for the beautiful sunset.
She made it!
Gavin LOVES grapefruit (really any fruit, but he LOVES grapefruit) so much so that when he is done eating it like "regular" people do, he then picks up the skin, turns it inside out and scrapes all of the "junk" out with his teeth and eats that.  ???  Is this healthy?!  :-)
Snuggle time.  I physically tried to have Gavin get attached to a blanket, so that when we went somewhere, he had his "security" thing.  It eventually worked but took quite the doing.  I didn't even try with the girls.  Kyra and Carley are still not really attached to anything too much.  Reagan on the other hand HAS to have this blanket.  When we travel we are worried that we will lose it or forget it somewhere.  She does not go to sleep for a nap or at night without this blanket.  I even have to take it everyday in the car when we go to pick up Gavin so that she can hold it in her carseat and fall asleep with it.  Well, we decided we would be smart parents and plan for the worst.  If we lose this darn thing, we need a backup.  So, I looked for a couple of months and could not find another one of these blankets, I looked in stores, I looked online, I searched e-bay...couldn't find it anywhere.  Finally by chance one day I found it again (and now I am finding it everywhere I look...go figure).  But, I got another one so that if something would happen to this blanket we would have another one (you know, like if I would have to wash first said blanket?!)  That's another story - it's a battle to the end to get that thing in the washing machine and don't even think about letting her see you transfer from washing machine to dryer - she will stand by the dryer until it's done with its cycle.  The only problem now is...she will not use the second blanket.  She refuses and you cannot pull a fast one on her.  Really????  I can't win. 
The kids had our good friends John and Josie come spend the night in February.  The kids played outside a lot, enjoyed M&M's, popcorn and hot chocolate for snack (I know, you don't get more healthy than that!), enjoyed finger jello for supper (they literally had a 9 x 13 pan of finger jello gone in 5 minutes), watched a movie, camped out on the living room floor, when to church together (talk about causing a scene and all we did was walk into church with 6 kids all 7 and under????  I knew it would happen but it was even more of an attention grabber than I anticipated - every set of eyes in the church - and it's a big church - turned and watched us all file in).  We had a great weekend!  We had Jason for part of the time as well.  Let me tell you what, when it's 7 to 2, you plan really well and you are organized!!!  But we did it!  :-)

This is what happens when Reagan tries to dress herself, which is happening more and more lately.

Gavin is playing basketball again this year.  The first day it took Jed 20 minutes to convince him to hit the court and then I am not sure it was Jed who convinced, I think it was Gavin's friend Isabella who was so patient, caring and kind, who coaxed him into the court.  But now he is ready to go each Saturday morning!

Can we say crazy hair!  Well, at least there is hair to be crazy.  She was bald for the first 12 months of her life!
Reagan, Carley and Jed playing in the snow.  We took Reagan outside at the beginning of the winter and she cried the entire time, she did not want anything to do with cold and snow.  We decided to try again a couple of weeks ago and she LOVES it.  The only problem now is that she will literally sneak out the door (barefoot and all) any chance she gets.  And when the other kids go outside without her, she will scream until you help her get dressed and take her out.

I ask for 30 minutes a day to walk on my treadmill and this is what I get...  I got done one day, walked to the living room and Reagan had eaten a whole box of chocolates that she had gotten her hands on.  Her face needed a little work, the shirt is pretty much a lost cause, but somehow she did not get one drop on the couch?!

Since Reagan decided she likes the outdoors, this is how she walks around the house - all day every day.  Boots and coat - gotta be prepared!
They were putting on a show!
Carley spends 10 minutes a night getting her bed prepared - which means all 6 blankets and all 33 dolls/animals need to be in order and lined up.  There are literally times that I cannot find Carley when I go up to check on her.
Some day he will burn this picture...but alas, we will have copies...for some reason he thought this was hilarious - put a pull up on his head like a hat?!  His idea...not mine.  On the plus side, it was not a used one?!
This plant was dead.  Truly, it was dead and little by little it started to green up and now it is going crazy.  Not only is it a beautiful deep green with lots of shoots and leaves but it keeps popping out flowers like crazy!  I never get my plants to do stuff like this!
Now this is an outfit!
Yesterday Kyra came to me with her newest craft project - which happened to be a piece of paper with a piece of tape rolled up on it and a LIVE ladybug attached to the tape.  Even though it was just a bug I figured I better have the "God's Creature" talk with her since the darn thing was still alive and stuck to her craft project.  After the talk I had a good laugh.  Don't they always say art is in the eye of the beholder?!  :-)


Melissa Pope said...

Thanks for the update on your family Shannon! Now I don't feel so bad when I think of the boys and the things they get into and what they do! Thanks for the laughs! I love the pictures!!!!

mark said...

Good to know that Mark's mark is safe and sound....Great pictures, the kids are getting so big.

Jesse and Lauren said...

I just awarded you with a little blogger award. Feel free to go check it out and keep the blog love going. It's a lot of linking labor so don't feel bad if you don't want to do it! Love the cute pictures of the family!