Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sharing Household Chores?

I LOVED all of the responses and interaction that I got from "To Fold or Not To Fold" so I decided to incorporate more "conversations" into my blog posts.  So, here's to hoping that you all continue to participate and give me your thoughts and ideas!  (If you continue to have trouble posting a comment or are not comfortable posting a comment but would like to share your "two cents" you can e-mail it to me and I will post it as a comment for you).

Okay, so I was reading a Family Circle magazine at lunch today and it talked about spouses sharing chores.

From Family Circle:
"Couples Therapy"
Want fewer dustups with your spouse?  In a recent survey of more than 1,000 men, 9 out of 10 agree that when they share household chores equally with their significant other, they get along better.  So, pass your honey the mop!

Women spend 17 hours a week cleaning, down from 26 hours 30 years ago, while men have more than doubled their duty, from 6 to 13 hours.  But, having a husband creates an extra 7 hours of work each week for women.

So, we are definately one of those households that has a helping husband.  Even though Jed works 50+ hours a week he still comes home and helps get supper around, gives the kids baths and gets them ready for bed, cleans up the table, sweeps the floor, takes care of getting the corn for our corn stove, takes out the garbage, feeds the cat, does laundry from time to time, and the list goes on.  I have an amazing husband.  He doesn't ever question whether that is a "women's job" or a "man's job", he pitches in wherever he can.  And I can honestly say that we do not fight.  We disagree on things sometimes and we each have our bad days sometimes (me more than him) but we just do not fight - maybe because helps around the house???  Who knows.  And as I write this I am realizing that I do not tell Jed THANK YOU often enough for everything that he does for this family.  So, THANK YOU JED, YOU ARE AN AMAZING HUSBAND, FATHER, AND PROVIDER.  WE LOVE YOU!!!

Okay, your turn.  I  have 4 questions.  #1 - Does your husband help out around the house?  #2 - Are there chores that he refuses to do?  #3 - Does your husband create SEVEN more hours of work each week for you?  (I don't think Jed creates anywhere near that much more work for me each week)?  #4 - Between you and your husband, do you do a combined 30+ hours of cleaning a week?  (I don't even think if I added all of the laundry that I do 30 hours of cleaning a week?!)

Come on followers, lets see your comments!

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Melissa Pope said...

So, in my response to your blog:
#1-- yes, Brad does help with some chores around the house---helps with dishes, makes supper occasionally (or at least gives me ideas on what to have,which is sometime half the battle!), he does give the older two boys showers and Kyle a bath a few times....he also will sometimes do his own barn clothes laundry--and I say that very cautiously because I still have to take them out of the dryer and fold them and put them away.
#2--Brad doesn't really "help" with the cleaning aspect---dusting, sweeping, making beds (he will make his half of the bed if I happen to be making them when he is in the bedroom though), washing floors or cleaning the bathroom, but thats about it...He does "help" by taking care of the two "helpers" I have while trying to do those things! (Which is kinda funny because he takes them outside, which really only makes more work for me! haha!) Although, as I am re-reading this, I make it sound like Brad doesn't help, but he really does--when he is home!
#3--Not by a long shot does Brad add an additional seven hours of work....all the males in our house together, yes probably, but then again, I am outnumbered 4 to 1!
#4--I am pretty sure I bypass the whole 30hours of housework a week! Between laundry, dishes, and cleaning, I would expect that to be fairly true!

Thanks for the "interaction" Shannon--I love to read everyone else's inputs and points of view! It keeps me sane!!! haha!

And I have to agree with you on the "fighting/arguing" part of your blog--Brad and I rarely "fight/argue"...disagree, yes sometimes, but really not very often---and if someone was to "pick a fight", it sadly would be me :-(....he is not a "fighter" by nature! Jed and Brad kinda remind me of each other. (We got some pretty good guys Shannon, if I do admit!)