Thursday, February 3, 2011

And Another...To Fold or Not To Fold

Got a nice e-mail from my long time friend Amy today.  She had to weigh in on the "To Fold or Not To Fold" blog as well!!!

Amy Thome:
The subject of folding underwear….. We fold Matts, they fit better in the drawer when they are folded, mine end up unfolded in a drawer and the kids, not folded, but in a nice flat stack in their drawers. The girls actually just started the task of “folding” the underwear and socks after laundry is done, yippee! I am not sure why, but I completely fine with how they end up in the drawers and do not see it changing anytime soon. As far as beds, yes everyone makes their own bed, even our 2 year old (usually tucking in his stuffed animals and at least one tractor!). Granted it is not perfect, but they learn some responsibility. Sometime it is just thrown together, but the covers are up! On the weekend, I have a bit more time than when both Matt and I work 40+ hours a week and everyone’s bed gets made hotel style, it makes me feel like I have a clean house, at least for 2 days out of the week.

Thank you Amy and family!

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