Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Day of School!!!

I sent three kiddos off to the first day of school this year!  Gavin is in 3rd grade with Mrs. Chatelaine, Kyra is in 1st grade with Mrs. Resler and Carley is in Kindergarten with Mrs. Wolfe.  They are all loving school and doing so well this year!  The one having the toughest time is Mom!  Two trips to Owatonna every day, lost all her big kid helpers, kind of quiet during the day with just Reagan and Declan to talk to and my calendar looks like an intricate map of something - still not sure what - but there are arrows going here and there, things circled, things crossed out, things highlighted - it is a wreck trying to manage three kids school schedules and all that they need to remember each day!  Reagan and Declan and I have been enjoying quiet days, going for walks on these beautiful fall days, organizing - suprisingly Reagan is a good help with this, and napping!  ;-)  It's a quiet house with only two! 

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