Saturday, December 12, 2009


Gavin had his first now day on Wednesday when we had a blizzard - 14 inches of snow, 40-50 mile an hour winds. Fun! Luckily the kids and I got to stay in the house all day. Jed make it to work but went in late and came home early so he could make the trip in the daylight. Our house is about 30 feet from the road but it was still hard to see cars traveling down the road - this might have been 1 of 2 cars down our road the whole day.

Poor swingset and picnic table.

Ruby had the right idea!

It did pretty things to my wreath though!

Jed shoveling his way out of the driveway. The wind was so cold it actaully took your breath away.
Somewhere in that picture is our mailbox - again only about 30 feet away.

And our breezeway - the door/windows didn't keep all of the snow out and the van in the garage had snow on it too - I think we might have some leaks?!

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Laurel said...

ooooh ick! Keep that stuff there!!