Saturday, December 12, 2009


We went to Jed's sister's house in SD for Thanksgiving. Enjoyed a nice long holiday weekend with everyone. The kids loved spending time with the cousins and they were tired for a week after we returned home!
Little diva!
Gavin showing Jacson his homework from school.

They could almost be twins - 6 weeks seperates them. Carley is older but she is not longer the tallest one.

We got to watch Morgen wrestle for the first time.

Papa with Jacson and Reagan.

Nana with Reagan and Kyra.

Cousins hanging out - Brittin, Gavin, Jacson, Keetyn, Kyra.

Morgen and Carley snuggling.

Since space is limited in our vans with 4 and 5 kids we decided to exchange gifts with the Valentine's at Thanksgiving so that we weren't all so tight on room at Christmas time when we head to ND. Of course the kids didn't have any trouble opening gifts early!

Reagan "hanging" out, watching all the action with Papa.

Laurel trying to not let the box and all of the packaging that comes with toys get the best of her! She won in the end.

Pretty smile from Hayden.

Kyra kind of liked Hayden.

Okay, Kyra really liked Hayden.
Brittin, Kyra and Hayden - clean, quiet and not moving - this is the only time the whole weekend that this happened.

The girls had a slumber party every night - this night Aunt Laurel did finger nails and toes for the 3 older girls. It was a hit!

Jacson, the constant performer, gave us a glimpse of his musical production in the kitchen.

We think Brittin liked his gift since he insisted he sleep with the HARD plastic plane. :-)

Papa, Reagan, Nana and Hayden.
Papa and Hayden - they start wrestling young at the Valentine house - even for the girls - she is laying in top of her baby.

Nana and Papa bought all of the kids new sweaters/shirts. So, a group picture was in order. I think we had 2-3 cameras going. I didn't even look at the kids, I just kept pushing the shutter button. I got two good pictures - everyone looking, no goofy faces. Then I had about 40 "other" pictures. You try to get a good picture of 9 kids - 6 of them being 4 years old and under!

Not too bad!
And the rest of them kind of looked like this.

Jacson hanging out with Reagan - he told me a couple of times that weekend that he liked her!

The kids always need a visit to the wrestling room at the school to run/werstle/scream off some energy. Gavin is trying out the rope - he doesn't really climb it, just hangs on for dear life.
Carley and her pig tails bouncing on the ball.
for some reason all of the kids felt the need to be partially naked while playing.

Three little monkeys.

Papa and Carley having some quality coloring time.

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