Saturday, December 12, 2009


Random pictures from the last 6 weeks. The girl loves to dress up.
Jed thought this was a hair band with a piece of toilet paper sticking out the back - I am pretty sure he is never going to understand his girls! :-)

Gavin is still adjusting to life without naps and by Friday night he is wiped out.
So peaceful - for 8 hours a day.

Reagan continues to get stronger and better at sitting up without too much help!

Enjoying her Johnny Jumper - she doesn't really jump she just swings and hangs out in it - and sometimes has some help going in fast circles!

The kids playing outside after our big snowfall. It was 10 degrees and windy - they were out about 30 seconds before they came in asking for the full face masks - Jed thought the looked like some type of gang!
Carley - we think?! :-)

Enjoying some fresh air!

Reagan went to sleep with her hands folded.

Jed, Kyra and Reagan reading stories (by the fireplace - Dad was cold).

One afternoon Carley was supposed to be sleeping but instead was smearing hand lotion all over the bedroom window. I was so upset with her when I caught her doing it I just made her go back to bed and worried about cleaning the window later. Well, later it had frozen to the window (it was the day of the blizzard) so not only did I have to get lotion off of the window, it was frozen lotion. Not the easiest task ever.

Carley and all her cuteness!

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Laurel said...

Carley may be onto something with the handlotion - a cheap, removable solution to frosted windows!