Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Can Their Tummy's Feel?...

So we are trying to teach the kids that if they see someone with purple hair or nose rings or whatever might be "different" that it is okay to talk about it and ask questions about it but they should wait until we are alone to ask Jed or me about it so that we don't hurt someones feelings (okay, if they have a nose ring or purple hair they are asking for attention but if the person talks different or something that they cannot help then we don't want to hurt their feelings). So, today the girls and I are in the car and we drive by a dairy farm.

Kyra: "Mom, do cows tummys feel?"
Me: "Do cows tummys feel what?"
Kyra: "Do they feel their feelings getting hurt if we say something about them and they hear us?"
Me: "Well I don't think so, cows don't really understand what we are saying, they don't talk people talk."
Kyra, "Oh, that's good, because they stink."

Oh, I love how her mind works!

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