Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lots of Pics...

We have had a busy couple of weeks....lots of pics!

Carley turned 3 years old on Easter day! We are having her party in a couple of weeks but Nana and Papa sent her some birthday gifts along with Easter goodies so we let her open her birthday presents from them. She loved her Dora dancing dress.

We would love to know what she was thinking - she was watching her older siblings tear into birthday and Easter gifts from Nana and Papa!

Decorating Easter cookies.

...and Easter Eggs.

Playing with Abby's 5 little puppies!

Indulging Mom with family photo time on Easter morning...

Let the Easter Egg hunt begin!

We spent the whole afternoon on the patio and enjoyed our first mild sunburns - that never seems to happen on Easter in Minnesota!

#1 - Jed in control...

#2 - Jed TRYING to stay in control... #3 - Jed NOT in control...Kite in control... :-)

More puppy time and note to Britton & Lacy: While you are off frolicing in St. Marten, rest assured, Kyra is spoiling your puppy rotten!

We couldn't completely go through the day without a little Birthday fun! Happy Birthday Carley!

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