Monday, April 26, 2010

Potty Training!

First of all - yeah Carley! She finally decided it was time to start going potty like a big girl. We have been pushing her on this for a while even tough she is still a little younger than Kyra and Gavin were when they got it figured out, but she was just not interested enough. Well, on Thursday I happened to just time it right and we finally got her to go pee on the potty! When Grandma dropped Gavin off after school Carley had to tell her about it and Grandma told her that when she could go a whole day without an accident then she'd take her to get some ice cream as her reward (yes bribery is completely fine when trying to potty train). So, on Friday, we put on the underwear and tried it out...9 hours later Grandma dropped Gavin off after school and she and Carley made a trip to Dairy Queen for some ice cream! She did it! So, I figured that would be the end of it for a while, she got her ice cream, she was done with this potty thing, but she has kept it up every since and is doing wonderful - no pee accidents! But she was only going #1 in the potty not #2. So this morning she went into the bathroom and came out a couple of minutes later and said, "Mom come here." (She always feels the need to show me, which is fine for now - whatever positive reinforcement she needs). She I went it and she said, "Look, I went poop. And Mom look there is a baby poop and a Mommy poop." And sure enough there in the toilet was a tiny little piece and a big piece...Oh the things kids say. So, of course I had to e-mail Jed and tell him this story and he response was, "I am glad there wasn't a Daddy poop." I promptly responded back, "No, she is waiting for the really big s**t to call that one Daddy."

Just kidding dear! :-)

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Britton and Lacy said...

Woo Hoo for Carley :) These are the stories that get me thru Monday afternoons!