Monday, April 11, 2011

Random Pictures

Random pictures from the last month...
Sisterly love!  :-)

Homemade scooter made out of a Lego bin.  So far, no one has gotten hurt (knock on wood).
She is ready for school.  I don't even know what was inside, but except for snapping this picture I had to hold her up so she wouldn't topple backwards.  She reminded me of a cartoon, no matter how hard she tried to stay upright it just wasn't going her way.
Too cool for shades.
And this is what happens when you leave Carley unattended with glitter.  She dumps the entire container on her glue filled paper and it was a big container.

I think I have blogged about this plant before but I just have to do it again.  This thing was dead.  It was brown, not a leaf on it, dried up dead.  Now I can't keep it under control!!!  Love it, a shot of spring in my living room.

Nana and Papa sent two big boxes to the kids for Carley's birthday and for Easter treats/gifts.  They had a ball opening everything up and they have been crafting fools for the past week (lots of craft/woodworking gifts received).

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