Friday, April 15, 2011


The other day we were out for a walk and I noticed that Carley has freckles that are starting to appear on her cheeks and nose.  I said, "Carley, you are getting freckles on your face."  Carley, "What are feckles."  (Yes I meant to leave the r out).  "Freckles are little dots that show up on your skin, you have some on your cheeks and your nose."  At this point she reached up and tried to start wiping them off.  "Freckles don't wipe off like dirt, they just stay there, but your freckles are really cute Carley."  She just got this big smile on her face and all was right with the world.  She ran ahead to catch up with Gavin and Kyra.  I whispered to Jed, "She will someday hate those freckles!"  So now, every day since that conversation, Carley comes downstairs in the morning, goes into the bathroom and looks into the mirror.  "Mom, are my spots still there."  :-)

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Melissa Pope said...

Miss Carley--
I also have those "spots"..... cute now, but yes Shannon---when she grows up, she will probably grow to very much "dilike" them!