Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th ofJuly

We had a great 4th of July weekend!

We spent Sunday at the lake visiting with friends close by along with friends who traveled from Chicago and Texas!

Once again this year we spent the night at the lake and got up the next morning to head to the Morristown parade.  The only parade that I know of that gets thousands of people to attend in the middle of a field.  But it's fun to watch the kids enjoy such a small town parade - tractors, princesses, lots of candy...what more could they ask for?!

A couple of days before the 4th the 3 older kids spent the night at the lake with John and Josie.  Grandma Mary Jane asked them to help her with a project.  This brave, brave woman let 5 kids - age  and under to each paint a board on her picnic table.  They loved it!  Here is how it turned out...

 Reagan, John, Kyra and Carley lounging in the lake.
 Carley is all smiles.
 Gavin and Grandma out in the canoe.
 Of course then Grandma had to take them all out for a turn in the boat.  Carley.
 Gavin and normal as they can be.
 And as goofy as they can be!
 Kyra's turn with Grandma.
 Reagan LOVED this floaty.  She spent the whole afternoon in this thin.
 We got to meet Baby Kirk who flew on his first plane ride all the way from Texas.
 Bree patiently waiting for the parade to start.  She came all the way from Chicago.
 John and Gavin chowing down on popcorn.
 Gavin Johnson, John and Gavin D.  Gavin Johnson came from Chicago for a long weekend too!
 Reagan enjoying her snack of popcorn and the huge chair that she got all to herself.
 Our whole crew - keep going on down the line.  I think we had 25 people there, if I am counting right.
 Sometimes they do look darling!  :-)  If not a bit tired from all of the festivities.

 Watching the parade in their 4th of July dresses.  Carley, Josie and Kyra.
 Grandma and Grandpa left the Morristown parade with the 4 kids to go to another parade about 45 minutes away.  They got home just in time for supper and then we had a camp fire and "tried" to watch fireworks from our backyard, it didn't work great - darn trees moved this year!

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