Saturday, July 16, 2011

House Update

The builders and subcontractors have had a busy couple of weeks.  We have all of the rough-in for plumbing, electrical and heating/air done.  We have some more siding on, we have all the insulation done and we have all of the sheet rock up in the house.  They will finish sheet rocking the garage next week along with doing all of the mudding/taping of the house and garage.  The plan is for us to gather our oh so willing family members next weekend for a painting party - that's right we are at the painting part already!  We will have to see how well the tape dries as it is supposed to be in the 90's-100's all this week so there may be an issue with it drying properly.  Time will tell.

And, we knew the time was coming...this whole house project has been going way to smoothly, we knew it was only a matter of time before we hit a bump in the road.  Last night when I saw my Dad back up to the new garage I knew something was up.  He stops in every couple of days to check on things but he doesn't ever back in.  So, Jed and I went out to see what was up.  We went down to the basement and were met with my Dad and our builder standing in 3 inches of water across the entire basement.  Yup, our basement flooded before we are even done with construction.  We had had about 3-4 inches of water in the last 24 hours and when it rained in the 24 hours it rained hard all at one time and then would stop, then rain hard and then stop.  So, of course our excavating is not done so everything slopes to the house and we do not have gutters up yet so everything runs off to the house, out window wells are not done yet so everything runs tot he house and there is a chance that we have a blockage in the drain tile going away from the house. 
The builder, one of his guys and Jed and I spent our Friday night muddy and wet cleaning up and drying out the basement.  Luckily there was plastic over the insulation which protected most of it.  There were just a few wet spots that we had to lift the plastic and let things dry out.  We got the floor cleaned up and all of the debris (pieces of wood etc.) picked up and hauled out.  So, by midnight last night it didn't look too bad anymore.  Today it is a bit wet again, just due to the humidity, so it will probably stay that way for the week with the warm/humid weather.  I am going to see if I can sweet talk our heating/air guy to putting a rush on our air condition to help with drying the basement out and with the mudding/taping and painting process.

So, a little glitch on the radar, but we are glad that it happened now instead of when we have a ton of stuff in the basement.  Hopefully we can figure out the problem soon and get it remedied and this won't cause too much of a delay.

For us, we will be very busy this next two weeks priming, painting and staining/lacquering the trim work.  Big job but with us doing it we save lots of money, so we will grin and bear it and dream of what the end result is going to be in about a month-6 weeks.
 Dining Room
 Living Room (the windows are bigger they are just covered with sheet rock laying up against the wall).
 Kitchen & Pantry
 Main Bath
 Master Bedroom
 Master Bath
 The mess.  :-(


Sharon said...

Shannon, get yourself a paint wonderfully..spray on the paint and then someone uses a roller behind it. We have done this with both houses and it is so much easier doing it this way. Make sure the texture guys use primer when they spray on their goop.

Melissa Pope said...

Oh Shannon---I hadn't heard about that mess! What a bummer---but like you said, better now then when you are all moved in! Hope things go well and you can be in your new house soon! Sending warm (cool) and dry thoughts your way! Miss ya!