Friday, July 1, 2011

Family Vacation

Well, our summer is beyond crazy busy this year, but when a friend of ours offered us a week at his new lake place we just could not turn it down.  So, we were not able to get away for a whole week, but we were able to go for a few days and we had a great time together relaxing as a family. We realized while we were gone that it was the first family vacation we have ever taken (with just our family).  We slept in, played games, read leisurely, watched movies, fished a lot, the kids tried to swim (it was cold and wet and windy the whole time we were there, but we had fun anyway), took naps and just unwound for a few days.  It was great!  THANKS MARK!!!

 Kyra won the contest for smallest fish caught.

 We saw loons each day.  They got closer and closer each day.

 Reagan caught this one.
 Gavin caught this bass all by himself.  He and Jed bought a clearance wrack lure, he came back, put it on his fishing pole, cast it out and less than 3 seconds later he had his bass.  I think Gavin will tell that story for many years to come.

 Jed is proud that he has at least one person (Kyra) who will bait her own hook.

 Day two and Reagan decided she wanted to try her hand at fishing.  So, we would cast it out, she would reel it in.  On the very first reel in she caught her own fish.  She LOVED fishing from that point on.  She was a great little reeler...
 Not such a good caster...Actually, this was my attempt at trying to de-arm her.  She reeled it in and started flinging it around.  All I could do was knock it out of her hand so that she wouldn't "catch" me or her.  She was not happy when her fishing pole was at the bottom of the lake.

 Yes, yes it is raining again.
 Putting her baby to sleep - blanket, bottle and music.  What else do you need?

 Carley trying to go swimming, but it was a tough go all week.  It was raining, blowing 40 mph and never hit 70 degrees.  She was determined though.  She did get in the last day for about 20 minutes.

 Bass #2 for Gavin.  He wants everyone to know that he caught 2 bass and Dad only caught 1.

 Loons closer.
 Loons multiplying.
 Yes, it is that cold.
 One morning we were listening to the loons and at the same time an eagle flew over our heads.  It was really neat.  Gavin loved it!

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