Friday, January 23, 2009

Beauty School Drop Out

Well, it was bound to happen....

Last weekend I went to get my hair cut and the lady who does my hair was talking about a Mom who brought her 4 year old daughter in whose brother decided to cut off one of her pony tails. So she ended up with a cute little wedge cut but not the hair style her mother was wanting. My stylist said to me, "I can't believe Gavin is 5 and you haven't had any mishaps with the scissors." Well, she jinxed us.

This morning I was baking a cake for Kyra's birthday party that we have tomorrow and all of a sudden I didn't have electricity. So, I got on the phone to call Jed to let him know and got his voicemail and just as I started to leave a message Kyra comes to show me what she did (she was so proud).

I actually forgot why I called Jed and could not think of what I was supposed to say and as I am thinking, "I can't believe this is happening and what the he** did I call Jed for." Carley comes walking around the corner with a smile from ear to ear on her face. (Kyra was also very proud of the job she did on her sister).

Well, at this point I just hang up the phone, heck with the electricity, my three year old just butchered her and her sister's hair. So, I go in search of the barber chair and scissors and I found that Kyra's barber chair must be rotating (from room to room). I ended up finding huge chunks of hair in the playroom, the girls' bedroom and our bedroom. (And just a side note for my Mom who is reading this saying, "why weren't you watching them" they had been helping me make the birthday cake two minutes before this)!

So, I bundled everyone up and we headed to town for an unexpected "First Haircut" for Carley. There was no way I could leave it looking the way it did and I am about as bad as Kyra is with the scissors, so I needed a professional. Thank goodness Carley only cried for about 30 seconds when I put her into the chair and then sat perfect for 25 minutes while the lady did her best to "blend" everything together. She couldn't believe Kyra could get as close to the scalp as she did with just a scissors, but she did - suprise! So, Carley has one spot on the side of her head and a bunch on the back of her head that were not repairable at this time, but it does look a little better??? Her curls are gone and she looks like a boy, I am not seriously contemplating that ear piercing thing just so people won't think she is a boy dressed in pink. There was no helping Kyra's new style, so she now will have to wear her bangs over to the side with a barret for a LONG time to cover her bald spot. Carley's new style is below - I am looking for a positive spin on this story - at least it wasn't a whole pig tail and you can see Carley's eyes better now???
Kids!!! Thank God it's Friday.


Sharon said...

It sounds to me like this is a week you won't want repeated. Every kid has to cut their hair it seems. At least I think all the girls do that. The good thing about that is it will grow again. I hope you have a good weekend.

KJ said...

Her little haircut is soooo cute on her! I like the bangs over to the side. I hope next week turns out better for you...if it doesn't, drop the kids off with Jed, drive up to the cities and we'll get together for virgin margaritas!

Laurel said...

Wow -- again, I need to read from the top down! There's always day 3! (The least she could have done was cut Jed's hair instead!!) I'm going home to hide all of our scissors!!!