Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ultrasound Pics

Jed and I went for our ultrasound this morning. Even though the Dr. said this baby does not cooperate real well (great another one) we did come home with the best profile picture that we have ever had out of all the kids.

Profile - I love looking at that little nose and those lips.


Foot Print.



Laurel said...

You're KIDDING??? Another one???? J/K - fun! The kids can't wait to meet him (or her!)!!

Sharon said...

Um, I am thinking there are a lot of legs in that last picture. Is there more than one baby in there? Now that would make you even with the Valentines. Wouldn't that be great??!!

Troy said...

From the profile picture, you're newest addition looks just like Jed. I mean look at the hair.