Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DeWitz Christmas

We spent a very relaxing (if not loud at times - hey there were 7 kids in the house) Christmas at Laurel and Ernie's with the entire family! Had great food, great play, great conversation and great celebration.

Kyra loved playing with her baby changing station that Papa built for her. This was a favorite gift this Christmas and of course meant more because Papa made it. Gavin got a barn too but somehow I didn't end up with one of those pictures - we will have to raid Nana's camera for that one.

Carley enjoying MY gift - this is supposed to be a decorative bench, and I would love to use it as such, but since the day I got it Carley has marked it for her own.

Papa and Gavin figuring out a new toy.

Nana and Kyra waiting patiently to open gifts.

Carley & Nana having story time with a new book.
Papa and Brittin having story time with his new book.

Two little angels.

Carley and Penguin Brittin (with his trademark finger sucking).

Two peas in a pod. Aren't they cute...
Two peas in a pod...aren't they...ah...well that's Jacson and Gavin for you.
The Valentine/DeWitz gingerbread house - if I might say so this thing looks pretty darn good and it actually stayed together in one piece long enough to get a picture - mind you it took 8+ people to get it looking like this.

The gingerbread gang. You can't possibly know how many pictures it took to get one even this good of these 7 kids. That's 14 eye balls and 7 smiles you have to get working together all at the same time.

Let's try one more group picture...nope, still not working. Maybe next year. :-)

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