Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lady Bug

Today Gavin watched a show on bugs, so after it was over he decided his life was not complete without having a bug in it. He asked me where he could find a bug and I told him that it might be kind of hard to find a bug in January in Minnesota. But, he was a determined child and went on his hunt for a bug. Low and behold he found a lady bug upstairs in the playroom and came running back to show me that you can in fact find a bug in Minnesota in January. At this point, I had to tell Gavin that the bug he found was actually a dead bug but he didn't like that response, so all day long he took care of his lady bug (that was NOT dead!). He even named his bug - since it was a lady bug he thought the name Laid was very fitting. Okay, whatever makes you happy. He took a leaf off of my house plant and fed the dead thing, he talked to it, he had it sleep in it's container beside him for nap, he played by it, he even let his sister hold it. I forgot about the darn thing but just before supper he went running through the kitchen and said, "I gotta get Laid." That stopped me in my tracks. "You gotta what?" "I gotta find my lady bug." Ahh the innocence.


KJ said...

Oh Lordy! Sounds like the wishes of the father are rubbing off on the son. Good luck Shannon.

Troy said...

Hey..there's nothing wrong with a guy knowing what he wants (and needs).