Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day in Review

A few funny things from today:

Gavin's Wife
We were driving home from picking Gavin up from school and like all the other days we talk about how his day went and what he learned. He told me about a few things and then got quiet - I figured that he had finished saying everything that he had to say, when I look in the rear view mirror and he has this grin from ear to ear on his face and he blurts out, "Today Damian told me that a girls from school loves me, he was laughing for five minutes about it and then I was laughing but the girl didn't tell me that she loves me yet..." He pauses to take a breath because that was all said in one long sentence. Then he looks out the window, shakes his head and grins his cute little grin, "I guess I have a wife now." Oh my gosh, it's started already. Jed and I have tried to teach Gavin that girls have cooties, but obviously that lesson needs some work. :-)

Hunting for Lunch
I was getting lunch ready when Gavin started going crazy because there was a hawk perched on the post outside out house. He made me take a picture to show Grandma how close it is - since they hawk/eagle watch together. The he asked if I thought the hawk was looking for a mouse for lunch. I told him I thought that was a pretty good guess, and to keep watching and maybe Gavin could see it catch something. He proceeded to say, "Well, it could probably come in to our house and get lunch since there is a mouse in our house." And yes, we do in fact have a mouse, I haven't seen it yet, but Gavin and I heard it scratching about five minutes before this whole hawk siting took place. Believe me, hawk or no hawk that mouse is living his last few hours!
Cute Pudding Carley
And the cutest part of may day....Carley. They were ENJOYING pudding for a snack today and Carley could not have gotten more of it on her face if she tried - well maybe, we are aren't going to have her try. The first two pictures I took of her she was serious and wouldn't even stop to take a break and look into the camera, finally the third time, she took a bite and then looked and gave me a big pudding smile!

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