Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Harvest

We couldn't hold the kids off any longer, so last Sunday (in the rain) we picked all of our big pumpkins, little pumpkins and gourdes. Gavin and Grandma are going to take some of the gourdes to a farmer's market this afternoon and have a "garage sale". Gavin has been wanting to do this for YEARS. And it is a beautiful day for it - 60 and sunny - the first sun we have had in well over a week.

Getting ready to charge in after the pumpkins.

This one is too big to lift so she just decide to use it as a seat and take a break (before she ever got started).

Kyra chose to only pay attention to the little "cute" ones.

Gavin, hard at work.
Look at those worker bees.
Carley helping with the smaller pumpkins.
Gavin helping with the big pumpkins.

This pumpkin won for our most perfect looking pumpkin!Jed moving the BIG pumpkins. We have tried these in the past but they have never worked, this year we had a few of them that decide to grow. We weighed the biggest one and it was 83.4 pounds. Way to go Jed! Next year we are shooting for 100 pounds. Shouldn't be hard if we could just have some 80 degree days instead of 60 degree days for the summer!

I am not sure? Jed and Ruby. He said something about carrying everything else up to the house, so might as well carry the dog!?
The girls' favorite part of the day - rides in the wagon.Jed and Gavin hauling ANOTHER load of pumpkins up to the house. Kyra's makeshift balance beam. Hey, she claims she wants to be a dancer when she grows up - she is practicing.

And our harvest! Reagan was at Grandma's - too cold and too wet for any of us but especially her.

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