Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Pictures

Reagan all bundled up - we just love winter weather!? :-
Reagan sporting her new winter hat - isn't she cute!

Bald Reagan trying sunglasses - not sure she will ever get hair!

Reagan & soon to be Aunt Lacy!
Reagan and Aunt Jacque hanging out.

Uncle Britton & Reagan
Uncle Bryon letting Kyra play with his $300 phone AGAIN. He loves that he is her best friend when he has this phone! :-)

Gavin showing off his profit from a farmer's market that he and Grandma sold his gourdes at. He was in heaven being able to do this - finally sell something!

Sisters and best friends (sometimes).

Gavin with his caterpillar. Notice he is using the corn instead of his hands to hold it - that's as close as he will get to holding it, his sisters on the other hand are right down there in the dirt digging for worms and bugs and caterpillars. Go figure.

Carley trying on her brother's apple hat.

Kyra eating PB & J with her bride bear that she got for being flower girl at Mitch & Amanda's wedding - this bear goes everywhere with her.
Reagan and Gavin hanging out.
Reagan enjoying some fine rice cereal. Mmmm...
Carley with cherry tomatoes from our garden.
Gavin with watermelon from the garden - this was really good tasting when we cut into it! Way to go Jed.
And Kyra playing a game with Jed and doing her cute belly laugh, which gets us all laughing for sure!

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