Monday, October 19, 2009

A Mother's Night...

I sometimes think my brothers and my sister-in-laws wonder how in the world Jed and I can go to bed so early some night (if we can manage it, we are in bed by 9:00-9:30). Well, when you have nights like this, you remember why you go to bed as soon as you possibly can!

Last night I went to bed at about 9:15. From 9:15 until 3:00 this is how my night went:

Woken up #1: Reagan - lost pacifier

Woken up #2: Reagan - hungry

Woken up #3: Carley - thirsty

Woken up #4: Ruby - wants out

Woken up #5: Ruby - wants in, or maybe not (to bad dog, you just lost your chance to come back in)

Woken up #6: Jed - snoring, this was our conversation as I nudge him:
"Roll over you're snoring."
"Jed, roll over you're snoring."
Finally he sits up, rubs his eyes, "What? What am I supposed to be doing."
"You're snoring, just roll over and go back to sleep."
He is so clueless. This morning he told me when he woke up he was ready to get out of bed and go put one of the girls back in bed or calm whichever one was crying but he didn't see or hear anyone. No kidding! Including me.

Woken up #7: Kyra - bad dream

Woken up #8: Reagan - needs to be changed and fed and while I was up with her I am sitting in the rocking chair yelling for Jed to go soothe Kyra because she had another bad dream.

And yes, this was all before 3:00am! Believe me, when I crawled into bed at 3:03 I was seriously tempted to search my pillow to find that button. You know, the button that kept going off whenever my head hit the pillow and told everyone else in the house, "hey, she's trying to fall asleep again, quick, someone cry, scream, bark or snore before her eyes close." That's the button I am looking for.

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