Monday, July 20, 2009

County Fair

We went to the county fair this week with Grandma and Grandpa.

Jed and Gavin thought they could get a lot of use out of this thing in our yard. I saw the price tag and didn't really think so!

Posing for a group picture - they usually don't turn out this well. They are all smiling and all looking in the general direction of the camera.Gavin is pretty sure that Grandpa's next big purchase needs to be one of these.Strong man!I am starting to see a theme.Can anyone guess what Gavin's favorite part of the fair was?The kids were able to get up close to a baby calf and pet it. And yes, on July 16th in Minnesota it was cold enough to have sweatshirts on with coats on over that WITH HOODS UP!Carley & the baby camel. Carley cooperated but the camel didn't want to look at the camera.Jed and Gavin feeding the ostrich. Gavin was really not sure about this - you can see Dad pushing him closer. What a Dad!
Yes, by the time he was done he was cringing and pulling away from the ostrich ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE. That's our brave guy. Kyra was all about it though and by the time she was done feeding it we had to pull her away from the cage because she was sticking her hand through to touch the ugly things.Gavin petting the deer.Gavin enjoying a pony ride.Carley having NONE of a pony ride. She started crying the minute they entered the gates and was climbing over Jed's shoulder to get away from it. He sat her down and picked her right back up - there was no way she was gong to ride the pony (even though she had talked about doing it all day long).Kyra looks like a natural and LOVED riding the pony and wanted to do it about 25 more times that night. She was done with her ride for approx. 4 seconds before she asked to do it again.Petting the big horses.And the little horse...I am starting to see a theme with her too. She is going to have to talk long and hard to get Grandpa to buy her a horse.This is as close as Carley got to a horse - a 6 foot plastic statue.

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