Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oh to Be An Adult

When we told our kids two weeks ago that Aunt Stacy and Uncle Brandon went to the hospital to have their baby we also told them that we would go meet him the next day. Well, due to some complications the kids have not been able to see him yet. So, we continue to show them pictures of him and read his website to them. Kyra and Carley don't really get it but Gavin just can't wait to see his baby cousin and spend some time with him. I explained to him that where he is at in the hospital only adults can go in. So, a couple of days ago I was doing dishes and he was playing on the kitchen floor and said:

"Mom, are you an adult?"
"Am I an adult?"
"No, your aren't an adult yet."
"When will I be an adult."
"Not for quite a while yet, it takes a long time to grow up and be an adult."
"Well, will I be an adult tomorrow?"
"No, not tomorrow, why?"
"Well, if I could be an adult tomorrow I could go see Baby Jason with you."

I love how this child's mind works.

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